We Sell Skates

Looking to purchase Now!!!!! Layaway or place an order now!!!! Help us save on shipping cost and we will pass the savings on to you!!!!!  Not doing a selling pitch…but ask friends who purchased skates from a local sports store last year how have their skates held up!!!!!  Our skates cost a little more..but the quality is much much better….Don’t save 10-15 bucks and throw your skates away in 4 months….We can help!!!!

Don’t risk buying skates on-line….I will try and match  any internet price….If you add in the shipping and handling fee they charge. If you see it 0n-line….I can get it…Riedell skates., etc…….Our catelog prices are only off by $ 5 or $10 bucks…I can get close,…..Call us or visit!!!!!! This way you dont have to worry issue dealing online…like warranty and such!!!!